View from 202 is a New York Red Bulls fan podcast, and is never to be taken seriously. Hosts Brit, Alex (Peaches), and Sam speak into a mic about the Red Bulls about once a week and for some reason none of you assholes have unsubscribed yet.

Occasionally, we bring on people from RBNY twitter that you actually like. In addition to this being a blatant attempt to buy good will from many of you, we are simply building up our depth for when the siren rings and we are all drafted into the Podcast Wars.

The Name

View from 202 is a show so hallowed, so historic, that its very name is already an anachronism upon the release of it's first episode -- we only now occasionally sit in Section 202 at Red Bull Arena.

However, we think this section is more or less typical of a certain fan perspective, the nebulous zone between die-hard and casual: those who might catch an occasional away game at Legends or even a short away trip to Philly, but not necessarily be a 20-year South Ward veteran.

The 4-2-2-2

In the spirit of long-winded, technically more precise, yet generally still obfuscating descriptors, the 4-2-2-2 is the name of our "blog." And as of February 2018, its deployment is as theoretical as it is in Jesse Marsch's regular season game plans. 

The Shop

We have a shop. It's okay. I don't think anyone has ever bought anything.