Targeted Points vs. Actual Points [Updated]

On this page, you will find our best-case-scenario points projection (from Episode 019) along with an automatically updated sheet and chart on how we're doing for the season in relation to our targets.

An important distinction: the results in the "target" column are not predicted or expected results. As discussed in Episode 019, predicting 7 wins out of 12 and only one loss for the remainder of the season would be quite bold. Rather, they are targets that would deliver us 56 points for the whole season, and a solid chance at a first round bye in the playoffs. They can be considered as a "best case scenario" of sorts that, while very optimistic, acknowledges we're not going to win out.

RBNY vs. Orlando Predictions

Hey you, we see you. You're on the PATH train, it just came out of the underground at Journal Square, and you've got about ten minutes til Harrison and don't know what to do with your newly resuscitated data service. 

How about read our predictions?


Orlando are not in a good place right now, with Adrian Heath recently parted and Kaka on a calf injury. I don't expect Larin to be able to carry Orlando to a W at RBA.  With Perrinelle not fully fit, and Zizzo seemingly not able to last a full 90, I expect to see Duvall and Collin return to the back 4 tonight. Veron looked dangerous against Portland, even if nobody could finish, but I expect us to be a bit sharper tonight.

2-0 RBNY.

Lineup: 4-2-2-2



Orlando is a team in turmoil, and we seem to be finding our legs. Now, this game isn't literally a "must win," in that it is still July and in the case that we don't, there's still plenty of chance that things can end up okay. Not great, but okay. But Dax is still right to say that "anything less than 3 points is unacceptable." This is a kind of game where elite (or even just good) teams prove themselves by relying on their individual quality and team organization, even if the ball hasn't been bouncing their way as of late.

I'm predicting a win, and I will admit this is not 100% anchored in reason (insofar as any of these predictions are). It's based on the premise that we are a top 3 team, the likes of which resoundingly beat FC Dallas and Toronto at home. If we don't bag all 3 points tonight, I will settle more comfortably into the frame of mind that we're somewhere between 3-6 in the East, scrapping together points with an eye toward a good playoff run.

2-0 RBNY.

Lineup: 4-2-2-2



With Heath gone and Kaka injured, this could be the game to put wind back in our sails. Major concern right now is the back line. Highly anticipating DP/Collin in the back, although Duvall will suffice if need be. Key matchup is Shea/Zizzo, due entirely to Zizzo's mediocre run of form. I expect the offense to click more and for Veron to play well in the 4-2-2-2.

2-1 RBNY.

Lineup: 4-2-2-2

RBNY at RSL Predictions

Due to this week's crazy schedule congestion, we will be recording after Wednesday's game in Utah, and including it with discussion of the Seattle game, the US Open Cup, as well as the latest USMNT action.

Before we kick off, we've supplemented our usual Twitter-prediction posts with some short blurbs and preferred starting 11s:

Sam: RSL are without Beckerman, and looked unconvincing against NYCFC and Portland. With two fully rested center backs, RBNY should take this one 2-1.

Peaches: It's going to be a tough time on the road, and we might be without Grelladinho. I think that RSL has enough offensive power to put 2 past us, and I think we'll rally back for a hard-earned road point. It seems like we're going to have some rotation (and dealing with nagging injuries to the likes of Zubar), and we may even see the likes of young guns like Derrick Etienne, Jr. Draw, 2-2.

Brit: Marsch's gamble to rest Collin and Baah on Sunday paid off -- so far. Hopefully their fresh legs see us through another solid defensive game, if not a clean sheet. Also don't see the team losing its eye for goal quite yet. A big Q is if Jesse rotates the midfield, and how someone like Davis might perform. Draw, 1-1.