Welcome / by Alex Chang

Photo by Alex Chang (@thechangbang on Instagram)

Photo by Alex Chang (@thechangbang on Instagram)

Hello, fans, friends, and family.  This is the first post to our blog "The 4-2-2-2", which as it exists is an empty vessel for any and all Red Bulls/Metro content that we dare write.  Whether it's speculating on a starting line-up change or it's talking about who has the worst hair in the league, we'll try to share with you any errant thoughts we may have as long as they are relevant to RBNY or MLS.  On the bottom of our website, you may notice that our footer reads:

“Quamdiu Sumus Spirans”

Which just means "As Long As I'm Breathing" in pretentious Latin, shamelessly stolen from the RBNY subreddit because we thought it was cool, and because we're insufferable pricks (well, Brit and I are at least)

If you have not already done so, please give our podcast a listen. Otherwise, we'll see you next time!  Until then, enjoy this video of the boys in red and white playing some pick-up basketball.